Proximity-Gesture Sensor with Integrated Ambient Light Sensor

Detect the near distance.



★ Ensure stable operation by crosstalk suppression technology

★ Ensuring the illuminance directional characteristics

equivalent to the current product

Model Features Absolute maximum ratings Electro-optical characteristics
VCC (V) Topr (°C) Dissipa- tion current Icc
(µA) TYP.
Dissipa- tion current Icc (Gesture) (µA)
Proximity/gesture sensor portion Ambient light sensor portion
Detecting distance Lon
(mm) TYP.
Peak emission wavelength λp
Recom- mended illuminance range
Ev (lx)
Output resolution (bit) ADC conversion time Tint (ms) TYP.

LED and ambient light sensor combined in a single package (4.0 × 2.1 × 1.25 t mm) Simultaneous operation of the gesture recognition and illuminance functions is possible
Low power consumption mode is available for the proximity sensor
Capable of holding a total of 4 gesture detection results

5.5 –35 to
100 320 100 940 0.02 to 10 000 16 30