Proximity Sensor

Detect the near distance.



★ Ensure stable operation by crosstalk suppression technology

★ Ensuring the illuminance directional characteristics

equivalent to the current product

(Ta = 25°C)

Model Features Absolute maximum ratings Electro-optical characteristics
VCC (V) Topr (°C) Dissipation current ICC (µA)TYP. Detecting distance Lon(mm) MIN. Non- detecting distance Loff (mm) MAX. Peak emission wavelength λp(nm)

Compact size (4.0 × 2.0 × 1.25 t mm)
Drastically reduced LED current consumption by employing a light modulation system
Built-in LEDs for simple optical design and I2C output (LED emission duty: MAX. 0.3%)

3.8 –25 to +85 240 25 150 940